Day 4: Foot Scrub

Yesterday, we talked about lotion bars and dry skin.  It was great to hear about everyone’s winter skin care routines.  There were some I had not heard of, so will be checking those out for sure.  Today’s item is sort of related thematically.


Several weeks ago, I found myself scouring the shelves of every drug store and grocery store I was going to for some Epsom Salts.  Not because I needed them medically, but because my older son needed it for a science experiment.  It turns out that we did not actually end up conducting that experiment, so I was left with a five pound bag of Epsom salts with no purpose for them.  In the recesses of my memory, I seemed to recall that it was good for soaking your skin in, especially if you had a splinter that wouldn’t come out.  Somehow, the salt would coax out that stubborn splinter.   I never had an opportunity to test out that knowledge.   I’m not sure if that is an old wives’ tale or if I just fabricated it or maybe I am just completely mistaken.  In any case, I googled what to do with Epsom salt and learned  firstly that it is not technically a salt at all and that it can actually be quite beneficial for a person’s skin.

In warm weather, I am one of those people who never wear socks.  I like my feet to breathe and only wear socks when I need the warmth.  As a result, the skin on my feet can get quite dry and cracked.  Sometimes, the cracks go very deep and get painful.  So, when I found some recipes for Epsom Salt foot scrubs on my search, I thought it might help me with this problem of mine.

It was really very easy to make and I think it would make a nice gift as well, especially if paired with a lotion bar (see yesterday’s post).  It was very easy to make.


Basically, for every cup of salt use 1/4 cup of oil (almond, olive, or another neutral oil) and 1 teaspoon of castile soap.  I used coconut oil, which I melted in the microwave first to make it easier to mix.  I chose this oil because it is solid at a cool room temperature and so it would be less prone to pooling at the bottom of the container.  If you do end up using coconut oil, my only tip is that after you mix the scrub,  let it sit out awhile to re-solidify.  Stir it once every few minutes to encourage the oil to stay mixed evenly.  Once it starts to get stiffer, pack it into your jar.  Otherwise, it will pool at the bottom of the jar, like more liquidy oils, which is not bad, but just requires a little stirring before use.

The castile soap is easily found in the soap section of your local store.  There was a large variety at the store I went to and some already had scents added.  I chose the baby one which was unscented because I wanted to be able to control my scent.  You can leave out the soap, but it gives the scrub a smoother texture and helps to cut the greasiness a bit.  For a light scent, I chose to add a teaspoon of orange oil, just the variety I have for cooking, not the essential oils kind, though you can use those for sure.


Now, I can’t give you any testimonials about how great this scrub is because I literally just made it today (I am usually not this behind, but, you know, life happens).  However, I did try it right away and actually found it more soothing than I was expecting.

To use, just take a small dime sized scoop per foot and rub your feet all over.  Then rinse off with the hottest water you can stand without burning yourself!  Be cautious because it can leave the tub feeling a bit slippery.  I did it while sitting down and made sure to rinse the tub quite well before finishing.  After all that, pat dry with a clean towel and enjoy the feeling.  My feet felt softer for sure, especially my heels.  The magnesium in the salt is supposed to have a calming effect and maybe it was just in my head, but I think I was a tad more relaxed afterwards.  I am really looking forward to using it more regularly and will certainly let you know what I think about its longer term affects.  For now, I think that it can’t hurt and would make an easy and nice gift for anyone.  The recipe above yields a generous cup of scrub and is easy to multiply.


That’s it for today.  It’s only two weeks until Christmas now!  We have finally done the last of our decorating, I think.  It took me quite a bit of searching, but I finally found some stocking hangers to go on our new to us mantle that I like.  For some reason, hanging up the stocking made everything seem more festive and homey.  What is your favorite Christmas decoration?  Tell me in the comments and you’ll be entered into the drawing to win the fun gifty box!

At last, I found some stocking hangers that I like.  #christmasiscoming #decoratingforchristmas


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  1. I’m like you, sockless all the time and shoeless often as well, so my poor feet suffer. Plus i run, which isnt so foot-friendly either. This is a brilliant idea. Thanks!

  2. My current favorite decoration is a Nativity set that I purchased when I went to Rhinebeck with you. All are made of pipe cleaners and wool!

  3. Love your scrub idea! I will try to make some too as my skin gets incredibly dry in the winter. I didn’t post yesterday but wanted to mention “Yu-Be” cream for dry skin. It’s the best I’ve tried, and I’ve tried them all!
    As for my favorite decoration, mine is a tiny one. I have some wooden acorns in a nest that go on the tree, and they have the most wonderful smell, even after 30+ years! It’s very soothing.
    Love your stocking hangers!

  4. For some reason I love christmas trees. Real or fake, the decorating and finishing it off with the star.

  5. My favorite is the stockings. Knit, seen, paper…..I like them all!

  6. what a great idea! my favorite christmas decoration is a cloth angel made by a dear friend. i couldn’t find it last year as i’d been doing a lot of packing and cleaning – i was so sad. this year, i discovered her hiding place! 😃. your mantle looks lovely!

  7. The stockings are my favorite, everyone has several and they are always stuffed to overflowing with goodies.

  8. My Cheistmas stocking from childhood was hand made by my dad’s mother who died when I was 18 months old. It had a Santa on it, though, and he had a long silky beard. To this day, I still love digging into that stocking for some fun treats and it always brings such fond thoughts of a grandma I never knew but who loved me so much!

  9. Our feet work hard for us… Thanks for the reminder that we need to pamper them! This recipe sounds so easy!

  10. Day 4. Entry 4
    A relaxing foot scrub sounds delightful!

  11. We have some favorite Christmas decorations the kids made when they were little. Some are made from spray painted macaroni, some from painted puzzle pieces or Popsicle sticks, and others from the lid off a Ball canning jar but they all have a photo. So fun to pull out every year and revisit them!

  12. I love to put up the tree! 🙂

  13. I like the relaxation component of the foot scrub! So glad the stockings make things feel more homey! They look great! A mantle is nice, isn’t it?

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