Day 6: Hot Honey

I love to give handmade gifts, especially the edible kind.  They don’t tend to take up a lot of space in people’s houses and the same thing can be given year after year and people are still happy to get them.  This may not be so true about many other things that people tend to give.

One of the most memorable edible gifts I ever got was a giant Hershey’s kiss.  I must have been only eight years old and a friend of my mother’s gave it to me.  It was especially precious to me because I think that might have been one of those years that my mother decided not to “do” Christmas.  Christmas didn’t mean anything to her, so there were many years that she grudgingly celebrated, if at all.  It made sense to her to be that way since she did not grow up celebrating Christmas, but it was challenging for me growing up in a place where everyone, even those who did not go to church, celebrated Christmas.  Most years, I put up the artificial tree by myself (which she really only bought under the influence of another friend who insisted that we needed to celebrate Christmas, if only for me; that Christmas was one of the good ones) and I spent many a Christmas morning watching all the various special Christmas programs on tv by myself.  It was just another day off for my mother, not a day to do anything special.  Because of those times, I think I really treasure this time of year and this freedom that I have as an adult to create traditions and celebrate freely in the ways that are meaningful to me.   It’s also why I love to give gifts.


Unfortunately, today’s easy gift idea did not totally turn out the way I had hoped.  I got the idea for this Hot Honey on the internet, but now I can’t find the link–sorry!  It’s basically honey that is infused with chili papers to make it a little spicy.  It sounded like a great idea because anything sweet and spicy always sounds like a good idea to me, but those directions said to just mix together and steep for a week.  However, I am an impatient sort and I did not want to wait that long, so I went with another recipe that I found which involved heating the honey in a double boiler and cooking the mixture together for a bit.


Well, I guess I didn’t add enough chili peppers because it does not have the kick that I was hoping it would have.  There is a little warmth, but barely noticeable.  Sometimes there was a little heat and sometimes there wasn’t.  The good news is that it didn’t stop anyone here from enjoying it on our biscuits, fried chicken, and waffles, so I guess it wasn’t too bad.


However, I recommend that if you make this, double the number of chilis I used.  There really is no set recipe here.  I used about 12 ounces of honey and five chinese chili peppers broken in half as well as a teaspoon of Szechuan peppercorns.  It spent about fifteen minutes cooking in the double boiler.  Next time, I would use double the amount of chilis.  Chilis vary in intensity, so it wouldn’t surprise me if that resulted in a super hot honey, ha!  If you get a good mix of flavors that you like, it would make a super gift.


Unfortunately, I can’t include a sample in the fun gifts box for you to try.  I am afraid that the honey would spill out of the container, so you’ll have to try it yourself to have a taste.  Leave me a comment and tell me about how you like to spend your Christmas mornings.  We always open our stockings first thing and then have a nice breakfast of homemade bread and various other treats.  After we are well fed, we then open our gifts one at a time so we can really enjoy each one.  We play Christmas music and always have the Christmas pyramid lit up, which is my favorite Christmas decoration by far.



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  1. We love to sleep in before spending the day with family!! 🙂

  2. In recent years, I’ve spent Christmas with my second family, but my best friend and I have been going out for a very early breakfast before all the family stuff starts. The city is so quiet and I just love the feeling in the air. It is such a magical season.

  3. My new favorite Christmas tradition is going out with my best friend for a really early breakfast on Christmas morning while the city is very quiet. I love the magical feeling in the air this time of year!

  4. We start with the stocking gifts and then my husband recreates a recipe from his grandmother, Blueberry Porridge. After breakfast is the one-at-a-time gift opening for however long it takes–sometimes measured in days!

  5. Our Christmas morning is the same as yours and the same as when I was a kid – stockings, breakfast, then the gifts under the tree. I can remember as a kid thinking breakfast would never end. I think the adults had an extra cup of coffee and sat around the breakfast table chatting just to watch us squirm!

  6. We have the opposite schedule as you! Presents one at a time w christmas music playing, then a break for homemade sticky buns (awesomeness), then we do stockings.

  7. The kids are allowed to open their stockings without us, but they never do! And I’m usually up before everyone, I start the coffee, stoke the fire, then go back to bed and wait, very impatiently to be woken by the kids.

  8. Penelope Garnham

    What is the Christmas Pyramid? I have not heard of this in the UK.

  9. We open presents on Christmas eve, so Christmas morning is lazy with a big breakfast.

  10. Day 6. Entry 6.
    Christmas morning we get up earlier than usual and open gifts. Afterwards we have an unhealthy breakfast of some of the stocking stuffers. Then we lounge.

  11. Coffee, presents-youngest to oldest, one at a time, which I hand out and then breakfast.

  12. I find it difficult to keep the regular traditions going now that the boys are both older… am I turning into a Scroogette? We normally open stockings first (I haven’t even decided if I am going to dig them out… how pathetic!). Next we tackle the gifts under the tree and enjoy coffee and breakfast in our jammies while opening gifts. Late morning we get showered to prepare for brunch guests.

    I am glad that you are creating traditions with your boys and relish the gift giving aspect of Christmas.

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