Day 8: Pom Poms

When I woke up this morning, I felt optimistic and pretty sure that I had a handle on what needed to get done today and a good plan for doing it.  My to do list did not seem to be unmanageable and I even felt fairly energetic.  Ahhhh, I should have known better than to trust that feeling and next time I have it I think I will just stay in bed.

On the huge long list of things we do to get ready for Christmas, there is only one I really dislike and always have: getting packages ready to mail.  All the packaging up and making sure everything is in there and secure enough just stresses me out.  Add to that the fact that we could not find the packing tape and then had a series of unfortunate mistakes and troubles with paypal shipping, made an approximately one hour task turn into three.  Argh!

So, my planned post for today had to be changed up and what I have for you is something that is more of a gift adornment than a gift itself.  Still, these pom moms make great Christmas decorations and can be attached to anything that might need a pom pom.  Got a plain scarf?  Add a pom pom.  How about a hat?  All hats are great with pom poms.  Have you noticed that pom moms are really making a comeback?  I’ve seen them made into Christmas wreaths, garlands, and more.


I used to really be terrible at making pom moms.  They were always irregular and uneven and by the time I got done trimming them, they were half the size that I started out with.  But, with this handy dandy pom pom maker made by Clover, pom moms become so easy that even my boys enjoyed making them.  Plus, they are fabulous for using up leftover bits of yarn.

All you have to do is wind the yarn.

Then cut it and tie it up.

Voila!  A pile of pom moms in less than an hour.

I think they look great on the tree.

Well, in the end, all the cards and packages got handed off to the mailman, who graciously took them even though I was at the wrong post office.  Apparently, if you prepurchase mailing labels, you have to drop them off at the post office with the corresponding zip code.  It just turns out that our nearest post office is in a different zip code.  Sigh.  Just another one of the little quirks about living here that we are getting used to.  I think next time I will go back to the old fashioned way of paying at the post office.

How about you?  We have talked a lot about our favorite Christmas things.  Let’s talk about our least favorite thing.  I think it is ok every once in awhile to have a moan because, let’s face it, none of us can get through such a busy and stressful time with a constant smile on our faces.  If we acknowledge the things that frustrate us, it can be easier to let them go…until next time, haha. Plus, we can always learn from each other strategies that help us deal with out frustrations.  After my frustrating morning, I made myself a cup of my favorite tea and had a few cookies.  What do you dislike the most about this season and how to do you cope with it?  Tell me about it in the comments and be entered the drawing for a chance to win the fun gifty Christmas box, pom pom included.


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  1. Even though your day didn’t go the way you planned, it still seems like it was entertaining! I’d have to say that my least favorite thing is traveling – I’m facing a 10 hour drive to see family next week. Yuck! Luckily, I’ll share the driving with DH and we’ll throw on an audiobook or two in the car.

  2. I have one of those pompom makers, too! Aren’t they fun?
    My least favorite thing about Christmas is packing everything back away after the holidays. I dread that day… I stretch it out into February some years. It takes so long to decorate the way that I like, so I tell myself that I am allowed to enjoy it as long as I want. I usually just wait until I get sick of it, and then the task doesn’t seem as bad.

  3. Day 8. Entry 8
    Your pompom maker looks fun!
    My least favorite thing about the holidays is trying to make everyone happy w/our schedule to visit extended family.

  4. I hate what comes after Christmas-the UN-decorating.

  5. Definitely coordinating the families. Must make sure everyone gets equal time. On the bright side, I just got one of those pom pom makers and they are wonderful.

  6. The yucky warm weather we have. I want cold and some years its cool here but currently its warm and humid. Yuck. I’m in houston, btw. And i love that pompom maker! They are such happy little pompoms!

  7. I think we could retitle your post today: Pom-pom Therapy–Happiness for Pennies a Day!

    If I could remove one thing from the Christmas celebration, I would not participate in the name drawing for gifts among extended family. This is important to the inlaws, so the nephew we haven’t seen in 5 or more years will be getting the trusty Amazon gift card.

  8. I always save up vacation time for the holidays, and while it’s great to take a couple of weeks off, it always means a race to get everything done before I go on leave. I’m so exhausted by the time I get to vacation, it often takes me a few days just to relax into it.

  9. I dislike all the self-imposed deadlines we make for ourselves at this time of year. The fix: I choose to regard the holidays as an event, not an end point. It also helps to keep in mind that the shops will be closed for exactly one day. We can all get by without going to the shops for one day.

  10. If I have one thing that is my least favorite about the holidays it would be gift wrapping. I know some people really have a knack for making packages look beautiful, but I sure don’t!

  11. cute! love them on the tree! glad you were able to turn your day around. i hate that my work schedule always seems to be crazy and not because of vacation – i don’t know who sets those due dates…..

  12. The only thing I dislike is cleaning it all up afterwards!! I just power through and get it done.

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