Day 9: Coasters

Hi there! It’s less than ten days before Christmas and I have yet to bake a single cookie and I still have a few gifts that need to be bought.  Time is getting tighter, but the most stressful thing is behind me and I am feeling much better about things today.

Today, the boys and I took the morning to make some easy coasters for our holiday table decorations and also to give away as gifts.


One thing I appreciate about the boys getting bigger is that their abilities have really grown quite a bit.  A few years ago, I attempted another craft with felt and sewing, which didn’t turn out as well because their fine motor skills were not as good.

These are really very easy.

Just find an assortment of cookies cutters and trace them onto felt.


Then cut them out carefully.


Soon, you will have a lot of shapes.


Lastly, sew them onto four inch squares of felt in a different color.  For the base felt, I used a thicker felt.  This makes them a little less flimsy.


For thread, I used pearl cotton in various colors, which I think adds a nice pop of color on each one.


Once the boys got the hang of the sewing, they got into embellishing.


I even taught one of them to make french knots.


It wasn’t very long before we had a whole set.


Which, when tied together, makes a nice tidy gift.


If you don’t need coasters, you could always sew two of the same shapes together, stuff them with a little batting, and make ornaments out of them.  We might do that as well if the boys don’t lose interest too soon.

Here we are, three quarters of the way done through my 12 days of Christmas giveaway!  Time is flying by and seems sometimes to accelerate as we get closer to certain dates.  I still have some fun stuff to show you, so I hope you will stick around for a few more days.  Leave a comment and tell me about your dream Christmas.  As much as I love having Christmas at home with my family, I think it would be really awesome to spend Christmas at Yellowstone National Park or in the Alps somewhere.  I just love being in the mountains and would love to have a mountain Christmas someday!

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  1. I would love to have Christmas with my family in a giant (i.e. plenty of bedrooms) in the snow somewhere. Where we could go sledding and snowshoeing and come home for hot cocoa and a fire in the fireplace. No cell phones, but loys of board games ans old movies. Ahhh….

  2. Day 9. Entry 9.
    I’m glad to say that my dream Christmas would look a lot like the way we currently celebrate Christmas

  3. Dream Christmas would take place on the 25th of a December that had an extra 20 Day Sevens! Seriously, we have had a couple Christmases where we were traveling as a family and as nice as that sounded, we all missed what was right back at our own house. Once we drove home on Christmas day knowing that our kind neighbors had stocked our frige with necessities before the shops closed for the holiday. All would be well, we were sure. What we hadn’t counted on was finding every possible place to grab a quick lunch on said drive to be closed except McDonalds. Yes, Christmas lunch was at McDonalds along with several busloads of tourists. We couldn’t even find space to sit inside, forcing us to eat in the car. When we arrived home, we had a lovely dinner and unwrapped our gifts and all was right with the world.

  4. Even tho it is sometimes stressful, I enjoy celebrating Christmas with my family. We usually have to travel (because we moved away from family), but it is worth the effort. Christmas to me is spending time with family & friends 🙂

  5. My dream Christmas would be that we all have work schedules that continue to allow us to have the time to trave homel, relax, and spend quality time together. So far it’s been doable, but as the kids get older it is getting more complicated.

  6. i’m with you – a mountain Christmas! i’d love a Cheistmas in VT. these coasters are a great idea!

  7. Would love a Christmas with snow, hot chocolate and no electronics.

  8. Just having everyone together at the holidays makes a memorable Christmas for me (adding a fresh coat of snow doesn’t hurt).

    I love watching the boys sew… A great skill for everyone to learn!

  9. My dream Christmas would be to stay cozy in my own home but have all our family in town so we could all be together.

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