Bring Back the Old

On New Year’s Eve, I spent some time with some old projects.  I got them all together in one spot and took a hard look at them.

There were a lot of them.  To be honest, I did not count them.  I just took them out one by one and thought about whether or not I wanted to keep working on them.

I was pretty ruthless.  That fingering weight sweater that I started a couple of years ago and only got about two inches done got ripped out quite unceremoniously.  Two thirds of a scarf/shawl thing that was knit mostly during times of great stress this past year was also ripped out.

It turns out that I really didn’t like it and it held some negative memories of knitting while anxious, sad, and exhausted.  I don’t really believe in karma and auras, but if any knitting project were to have a bad aura, this one would be it.  It’s gone now and the yarn is free to become something happier, a woven scarf maybe?

On the other hand, I also found some things that I absolutely would love to finish.  How about these mittens that I started almost two years ago!

I have one mostly finished and then put the project away after I had to rip out the cuff of the second one because I started at the wrong place on the chart.  So, on New Year’s Eve, I started it again, which took some doing because I had lost the chart and had to find my electronic copy.  Then, I had to take some time to read the pattern all the way through again.  It always pays to read the pattern, haha.

After two games of Clue with the boys, I have finished the cuff and am now working on the thumb gusset part.  If I weren’t doing some other deadline knitting right now, they would be done.  But, slow progress is being made on them.  They sit next to my desk area, which is really just a corner of the dining room table, and wait for the odd few minutes in the day when I can knit a row or two.

It felt good to go through the projects and update all my Revelry project pages.  In all, I think there are 14 or 15 active projects, 5 of which are sweaters.  There are also three pairs of socks, two pairs of mittens, two (soon to be three) shawls, and a couple of other things that I am on the fence about.  I don’t really have a plan to get them all done, but at least I know that the things I have going are things I want to be working on.

A few things are close to completion already, like these socks.

There’s also a sweater that just needs one more sleeve and it is done.  That one I will share with you next week when the pattern is released.  After that, I will be diving into this pile of yarn for another test knit.


And there is a mystery shawl knit along that will be starting soon and I intend to follow along.  So, I am hoping that 2016 will be a great year for finishing some old projects and some new as well!  And who knows?  Maybe I will actually get around to publishing a pattern this year.

What are you planning to work on this year?


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  1. I, too, have some unfinished projects that need just a bit of concentrated time to complete. And can I talk about fleece? Seven are sitting in the wool loft waiting to be washed. In the meantime, I’ve been planning my participation in the Highland Fleece and Fiber Fling that will be 6 weeks of spinning with sheep breeds of Scotland, and then move right into the Iknitarod to finally complete the sweater I started for it last year. And in the meantime, I have a cardigan of Foula wool to finish: I’m a sleeve and a half away from the fun colorwork yoke on that one.

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