Cake Every Week (or Day)

Winter is a great time for baking.  What better way to warm up when it is cold outside than to turn on the oven and bake something?  Lately, I have been trying to use the oven as much as possible, which means that almost everything we eat these days is either baked or roasted.  This is partly to make up for the fact that not all the burners work very well on our range, so cooking is sometimes a challenge and other times it is downright frustrating.  A full kitchen renovation is in the works, but until the ball gets rolling, I am baking and roasting away.  Thankfully, there is nothing wrong with the oven other than the fact that I could use another one because I often want to make two things at once that don’t require the same temperature.

In the last couple of weeks in particular, I have been focusing on cakes for the sweet part of the oven work.  I made these little blueberry cakes using the last of some jarred blueberry pie filling that I had canned a long long time ago.  It was a good thing the filling was sweet because I forgot to add the sugar to the cake batter.  I blame the computer for that mistake because I was unable to print out the recipe.  I have not made the switch over to using a device in the kitchen, mostly because those devices are expensive and I do not want to risk spilling something on them!  So, I had to shuttle back and forth between the computer in the family room and the kitchen.  Somewhere in there the sugar got left out.  The filling saved the day and it ended up tasting more like a blueberry cobbler, which was fine with everyone here.

After that fiasco, the next sweet bake was a gorgeous Lemon Cake.

Zesty lemon cake for a dreary wintry day.  Only half iced for those of us who do not like icing.  #beautifulfood #cakeeveryday

This is Maida Heatter’s East 62nd Street Lemon Cake with a simple powdered sugar icing over half of it.  Why only half?  Well, not everyone in this house likes icing and I was trying to make it appealing to everyone.  It is a fabulous cake that I urge you to try making.  Don’t be tempted to leave out the breadcrumbs in the pan.  I am pretty sure I had made this years ago, but bread crumbs was not a standard pantry item for me, so I know I left it out.  Trust me, the crust on this cake, not to mention the wonderful way it releases from the pan, relies on those bread crumbs.  I used panko bread crumbs, which is the only kind I have and it was fabulous.

Tea, cake, yarn, beads, pattern, and a new project bag.  What more does a knitter need on a wintry day? #knittersofinstagram #cozywinter

I think I had two slices a day until it was all gone, which was in less than 48 hours.  It’s perfect with tea.  There might have been some clamoring over the last slice; iced or not, it did not matter at that point.  The lemon adds some brightness to these dreary winter days, which we need desperately now that the temps are mostly below freezing and Jack Frost is a regular visitor.

This cake renewed by love for cake in general and the act of baking cakes.  There will certainly be more cake in the future.  Maybe not every day, but at hopefully every week,  And this lemon cake will return for sure.

Do you have a favorite cake?  Tell me about it because if I haven’t had, I will want to try it!


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  1. Any flavor chocolate cake with homemade mint buttercream frosting and a sprinkle of andi’s mints on top

  2. You’re making me hungry!

  3. Lemon cake every week – yum! Especially in the winter. I also like yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting, or malted milk ball cake (from the “Baked” cookbook) – so decadent.

  4. That lemon cake looks beautiful. One of my favourites is a Swedish spice cake, which has ground cloves, cinnamon and ginger in it. Yoghurt as an ingredient makes that cake moist and tasty.

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