Not So Speedy

Lately, I have noticed on Instagram some people posting short videos of themselves knitting.  A few very well known knitters have done it and I can’t stop watching them.  The thing that really amazes me is their speed.  Their fingers are flying and the yarn is a blur.  I watch and try to glean some sort of secret, but they all have different techniques, so there must not be one secret to be had.  Try as I might, I just cannot seem to improve the speed of my knitting.  I have to try to make up for that by knitting as much as I can, which is not all that much, as it turns out.

For those of you who have been following my progress on the Bang Out a Sweater Knit Along, I may seem speedy to you, but there are knitters out there who finished their sweater in less than a week.  As for me, I have been averaging an hour or less of time to knit on the sweater per day and you can see my incremental progress below in my mostly daily Instagram photos.

Casting on Stopover in between teaching subjects.  #BangOutASweater #knittersofinstagram #knittingfromstash #homeschoolingdays

On cast on day (Feb. 1)  I started off by casting on during teaching breaks.  I got about four inches done hat first day, but, that is because I slung aside all other obligations that day and just had fun getting going.

Day 1 yielded four inches after approximately 2 hours of total knitting time, mostly in 5-10 minute spurts.  Off to a late start today. #BangOutASweater #knittersofinstagram #knittingfromstash #chunkyknitsarefast!

Unfortunately, other work had to be done on the other days or I might be one of those in the already finished room having cocktails.  Instead, I am knitting at the computer.

In front of the telly,

In the car,

And while reading.

Two days ago, I finished the first sleeve and managed to attach it to the finished bottom of the body.

Unfortunately, spare time the past couple of days has been sparse.  I’ve only got about four inches of the second sleeve done, but at least I got some cakes baked.

This weekend, I have a couple of gatherings to go to which may afford me some extra knitting time.  I am hoping to get the second sleeve done at least!

Other things may distract me, though, such as the Splendid Sampler project which has been gaining a huge amount of momentum in the cyber world.  Last I heard, there were over 55,000 participants signed up.  Wowee!  That is a lot of quilters.  The anticipation has reached a fever pitch with the first block being released on Sunday.  I relented a little to the excitement and did the bonus practice block this week.

Usually, I do 9 or 12 inch blocks, so this tiny 6 inch block seemed a tad fiddly to me, but it was fun.  So, I guess I am ready? Or as ready as I will ever be.  The good news is that next week is winter break around here, which doesn’t usually mean much for our homeschooling routine, but it does mean that extracurricular things have been cancelled–hurray! Instead of driving kids around to lessons and sports things, I will be in my warm house knitting.  Or quilting.  Or baking.  What will you be doing?



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  1. I will be doing a lot of driving around but hopefully knitting too! I am also amazed at the speed of some of these knitting videos. Continental seems to be faster than English style, but I simply cannot get my left hand to cooperate! I just throw as fast as I can. Love your Stopover; you will be wearing it soon!

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