Last week at this time, I was feeling highly optimistic.  We had the electrician and plasterer scheduled and I was hoping to have all the cabinets and appliances installed by the end of next week.  I should have known that there is no such thing as a house project that goes according to the first plan.  The day after I wrote my optimistic post, the electrician came and blew away our schedule and our budget.

Kitchen renovation day 8:  the day in which the electrician comes and blows our budget up😟 #kitchenremodel #crazyweirdhouse #guesswearerewiringeverything #itsonlymoney?

It turns out that our entire kitchen needed rewiring and it was not going to be cheap.  Not only that, he couldn’t start for another week and it would take two days to rough it all in and then another day to install.  In addition to all that, he refused to do the work unless we got a building permit.  It was a lot to take in at first and we spent at least a day in a state of high anxiety over the expense and the time all this would take.  In the end, though, we decided that it would be best to get it done and have the peace of mind that at least this part of the house was wired and put together correctly.  (Did I mention that I have started calling this house the Frankenhouse?  You can probably guess why.)

Actually, the week of delay gave us some time to do extra prep work, such as look at counter options.

Kitchen renovation day 9: doing something a little more fun.  #kitchenremodel #somanychoices #betweenarockandahardplace

There are a lot of options out there.  Once I started looking in earnest, I was actually kind of surprised at how many counter patterns I did Not like.  You would think that would narrow it down, which it does, sort of.

I thought I liked this one quite a lot in the store, but now I am not so sure, especially because it is kind of expensive.  Counter shopping was a bit annoying actually, because a lot of places won’t give you prices up front, but want you to choose ones you like and then price them out for you.  I sort of work in the opposite direction when I am shopping.  I like to limit myself by price first and then choose from what I can afford.  But, I may be in the minority there.  Anyway, as much as I like to support small and local businesses, we ended back at the big box stores where the prices are transparent.

Despite all this, we are still having trouble making up our minds about counters, but since our schedule got pushed back by two weeks and it is really one of the last things that you do in a kitchen, we still have a little time.

We’re also picking appliances and dreaming about what to cook/bake in our new kitchen once it is done.  If you haven’t seen this cookbook and you like to bake bread, I urge you to go seek it out.  It has a great variety of bread recipes and the story is wonderful.

The boys also enjoyed having an art session in the kitchen with no fear of getting anything messy.

We might even let them color on the walls or write some sort of message on them in case some other future homeowner wants to tear down what we have done and do their own thing.  There was definitely some entertainment value in seeing all the different styles of wallpaper that we unearthed during our demolition.  This first one is my favorite.  So cheerful and 70’s.

There were others.  Some were hidden behind other layers of wallpaper.

Others we found behind cabinets.

And behind the brick tiling.

Which is your favorite?

We have now had a week of not much visible progress, but it has given us time to make a new plan.

Kitchen renovation day 14: organization, mine on top, husband's on bottom.  We have really different systems, but they work together well, as long as we have regular meetings.  #kitchenremodel #ihateorganizing #diy #tryingtodoneasap

It’s been  two weeks now since we have had no working kitchen and it looks like it will be another 3 or 4 before we get everything installed, fingers crossed!  At least now we can move forward.

Kitchen renovation day 13: the first in a series of bureaucratic hurdles has been passed.  He tried to convince us to tear down more plaster, but thankfully did not require it.  We decided to take an easier route and just cover it all up.  #kitchenremodel

Let’s hope there are no more surprises!





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  1. Keep your eyes on the prize. At the end of it all, you will have a kitchen that will be perfect for all your cooking and baking! Thanks for sharing your progress! Oh, I think the 70’s Brady Bunch wallpaper is my favorite too!

  2. Wow, nothing is ever easy. It must make you wonder about the wiring in the rest of the house too☹️. At least appliance and counter shopping is kind of fun, right?
    Love the excavation of all the wallpaper layers.

  3. Those wall papers are fabulous, like a timeline of style and design. Did I see a chicken on one?

    And shall I bring any electrical appliances with me next week?

  4. Or rather, bring a home-cooked meal?

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