Long on Ambition

Someone must have flicked a switch on fall because we have not had to turn on an air conditioner in the house for a week.  It’s been heavenly to have a quiet house (no loud droning of multiple machines) and the ability to go outside without getting all sticky and hot.  I have also been able to turn on the oven and bake things.

What a wonderful thing to be able to bake without heating up the whole house!  However, summer is not quite done with us, but I can bear it now because I can feel that the end is near.  I can even see it in a few trees around us.

With the cooler weather, it was inevitable that I would start thinking about warm knitted things and that mecca of knitting events, Rhinebeck.  I did finally finish and block my Olympic sweater, yay!  I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.  It fits great and feels great.

Then, I took a look at all the other projects that I have yet to finish and picked one that I thought I could complete in time to wear in October.

Shadow knit with Miss Babs Yowza has been on my needles since 2013.  It was time to finish or repurpose the yarn.  It actually did not take me much time at all to finish the front and back pieces and now I am making slow progress on the sleeves.

The progress is slow because I found myself distracted this weekend and cast on another sweater.

#16-Geurnsey Pullover knit with Plucky Sweater.  I was so intrigued by the construction and different look of this sweater that I actually made the husband drive me to the closest big bookstore and bought the magazine.  It’s been years since I have bought a knitting magazine, but once I forked over my $6 and some cents, I wondered why I didn’t do this more often.  There are over 20 patterns in the issue, which is quite the bargain compared to buying patterns online one by one.

Anyway, being me, I have already modified the pattern from the beginning to knit the bottom body in the round.  I do what I can to avoid unnecessary purling and the thought of knitting 9 inches of stockinette on two flat pieces was a recipe for non completion.

So far, things are going well, but I haven’t reached any of the interesting bits yet.  It has made for fantastic knitting while we tackle our first full week of school this week, though.  I’ll try to keep you posted, but I have to say that as the kids get older, homeschooling takes a lot more time.


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