Monthly Archives: November 2016

Autumn Bright

We were worried that the summer drought we had would have a negative effect on the autumn colors.  If it did, it was hard for us to see.  All the colors looked bright to us.

On sunny days, the leaves glowed and the moderate weather has allowed them to take their time leaving.

It’s no secret that autumn is my favorite time of year.

In our new house, we have finally got the fireplace up and running.  Can you just feel the coziness?

I have been doing a bit of baking and really enjoying it.  Soon, I may have a recipe or two to share.

This is a sweet cinnamon version of pane bianco.  I used way too much filling, but other than that it was a total success.  Next time, I will use less filling and cut the dough less shallowly.  That might help it not to leak all over the pan.

In knitting news, things are more neutral that the view outside.  There are lots of greys going on.

I started an Owls sweater and have made it through the first set of waist shaping only to abandon it for a smaller project.

A hat made with two natural shades of shetland.  I am testing out the gauge of this yarn from Ross Family Farm.  It’s supposed to be sport weight, but I found it is closer to a dk or light worsted.  This revelation has changed my plans for this yarn somewhat and it must go back to the drawing board, so I threw this project aside as well.

And cast on a cowl with more grey yarn.  All this greyness is going to backfire on me soon.  With the time change and the leaves mostly gone, the view from my window is getting more dreary.  But, I will try to persevere with one of these knitting projects.  Views like this will keep me going for a few more days at least.