Day 5: Meringues

I was surprised to realize this week as I was looking through cookie recipes that I have never made meringue cookies.  I’ve made meringue frostings and am very familiar with the skill of beating egg whites until they are so stiff that you can turn the bowl upside down without anything moving.  But, for some reason that escapes me, I have never made meringues.

But, that’s all changed now and, even though these are far from perfect, I am sure it won’t be the last time I make them.  In fact, it may be my new favorite thing to do with a few egg whites hanging around.

I had 4 egg whites leftover from making some other cookies (they will remain unnamed because they did not make the cut for this series), so it was a pretty easy decision to make these.

They came together rather well, but I did run into a snag while shaping them.  I was hoping to make them pretty by piping them, but none of my piping tips were large enough to make the pretty ripples that are pictures with the recipe.  So, they don’t look as tidy and pretty as I would like.

Also, I think I must have over baked them because they turned a light brown color instead of staying pristinely white.  They were meant to look pure white and sparkly.

Despite their appearance, though, they taste fine.  They are light as air and melt in the mouth.  One can eat of lot of these without feeling the slightest bit guilty.  That’s a good thing this time of year when overindulgence is the norm.  I will definitely make them again, though I will probably lower the temperature of the oven to try to keep their white color.  And, I’ll look for a giant star tip to help make them pretty.

Here’s a link to the recipe I used.  I like this one for its ratios, especially because there is less sugar, but like I said above, it might turn out better with a lower temperature.

Don’t forget to leave a comment for an entry to my Christmas Treat giveaway.  Tell me about your favorite stocking stuffer, to give or get.  I love to get yarn in my stocking (not a big surprise there!) and I love to give small knitted gifts.  Barring those, chocolate is always well received!

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  1. They look like a unique Christmas cookie

  2. I love meringue cookies – i used to make some called meringue surprises (or something) in which i added chopped candy cane, chocolate chips, and/or nuts to the meringue. Mmmm…. maybe ill add this to my cookie list for this year! Fave stocking stuffer….. hmmm… probably a small sewing tool or cooking tool – extracts, pastes, etc. Or homemade objects of any kind!

  3. The sprinkle of sanding (?), sugar make these look so pretty!

    One year all the men in the family got little remote-control cars in their stockings. They loved racing w/them in the middle of the living room floor. It was fun seeing them enjoying them like a bunch of kids!

  4. Mmmmm. I love meringues! For the past few years, my mom has put scratch off lottery tickets in our stockings – it’s always fun to see if we have a burst of luck on Christmas morning!

  5. I’ve never made meringues. I remember my mom making them once when I was very young. I like the idea of less sugar but still a “cookie.” Hmmm…stocking stuffers…I do enjoy some good chocolate. Or something sparkly! 💍😄

  6. I like the meringues that color!

    For stocking stuffers, I am a traditionalist – my Dad was always in charge of buying oranges and nuts and a stocking is not the same without those items in my opinion!

  7. these look great! i love to get hiking bars and give them as well – promises of hiking excursions 😃

  8. Stockings should have a delightful surprise tucked inside along with the more mundane items like tooth paste and dental floss. Rittersport bars and “Honey, I’ll do ____ for you” certificates are winners in that category.

  9. thecrazysheeplady

    Sheep trinkets! Especially something old and super cool :-).

  10. oh! Yarn in the stocking would be awesome. Also I had the meringues for the first time this year, wow they melt in your mouth.

  11. Looks good! Have you ever made macarons?

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