Day 12: Unfinished

Christmas is a week away and I don’t know about you, but I still have a lot left to do.  Thankfully, I have a pretty clear week in which to get them done.  Unfortunately, I sort of ran out of time this weekend and there are still too many balls in the air to have a finished topic today.  However, I can show you a few things that I am hoping to get done in the next few days.

The first one is to finish up this batch of candied orange peel.  There’s lots of recipes out there for making candied orange peel.  Here’s a good one.  Orange peel is a pretty essential ingredient in a lot of my Christmas baking, but it’s also fabulous to eat on its own.  It’s also good dipped in dark chocolate!

Next on the agenda is to work on making another batch of panettone.  I made a batch last week using a new recipe, but it didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked.  It was a recipe I had in my files that I definitely got off the internet, but now I can’t find it.  Funny.

Anyway, it was good, but not quite the texture we’re used to, so I want to make a few adjustments and try it again.  I may be able to talk about it later this week if it works out!

In the meantime, this brings us to the end of my 12 Days of Christmas Blog series.  It’s only one week until Christmas!  For one more entry into the Christmas treat box giveaway, leave a comment here before noon eastern standard time tomorrow (December 19).  I’ll announce the winner in the early afternoon and hope to get that box shipped out soon after.  Thank you so much for joining me these past 12 days!  See you tomorrow!




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  1. Loved keeping up with (and being inspired by), your Christmas baking! Hoping you and your family have a blessed Christmas season!

  2. Love that you do this each year!

  3. Oh, the wonders of candied orange peel! After one bite, you’ll never go back to store bought again. I’ll be making St. Lucia bread this week with some of the peel Dear Husband makes for the household.

  4. thanks for doing this again! always looks so yummy!

  5. Wow Carie, you’ve had a busy kitchen lately! Just looked though all of your incredible creations. These Panettone look incredible.

  6. I’ve never had candied orange peel. I’m intrigued!

  7. Everything you make looks incredible and I honestly don’t know how you do it! But I would be SO happy to get to taste even just one of your treats! Miss you all and love you!

  8. I made Pannetone one year for Christmas, it was fun. The whole suspending it upside down part is very exciting! Though i am intrigued by the candied orange peel dipped in chocolate. Obviously with all of that vitamin C and those antioxidents, it is a very healthy snack we should all enjoy!

  9. Good luck getting everything done! Candied orange peel sounds yummy!

  10. Hooray for all the baking!

  11. It’s been so fun to read your blog! Thanks for motivating me to try new things, & for helping us to remember traditions.

  12. thecrazysheeplady

    Never heard of candied orange peel! Something else to look into :-). I guess I found you through the Yarn Along as I’m just now venturing into the world of baking, but what a treat! Thank you for sharing and enjoy your week and have a Merry Christmas!

  13. I’m glad I’m not the only one who isn’t quite ready for Christmas…

    As always, I’ve enjoyed reading about the things you are baking for the holiday season. Wishing you and your family joy and peace in the new year…

  14. Oh this all looks so good. Very behind on any and all Christmas baking here!

  15. This has been fun! I don’t know how you get so much done! I’m far from ready. I was ahead of the game this month. Then they brought me a puppy. All I can say is, everything is now on the back burner! Going for an easy one dish meal on xmas, did/am doing a lot of internet/amazon shopping during puppy nap times, and am hoping I can remember where I hid all the presents I had stashed earlier in the year! It’ll be a different holiday this year, that’s for sure. Thanks for all these fun postings; I’ve really enjoyed them! Merry Christmas!

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