As so often happens when I set goals, I got a little distracted this month.  My original intention was to finish my Chartreuse, but it’s been a few weeks, and it doesn’t look much further along than it did before.

There is a slight difference, though.  I was able to get past the pocket portion, so that is something, I suppose.  Then, it got tossed aside for two completely spontaneous new mystery knit along projects that both started the first week in February.  There is the Through the Loops Mystery Sock knit along.

And the Snowmelt Mystery Shawl knitalong.

Both of these designers are new to me, which is fun and I enjoy a bit of deadline knitting now and then.  That’s not to say that I will knit anything.  Before I signed up, I made sure to check out their other designs to make sure I liked them, generally speaking.  And I did and, so far, I am really enjoying these knitalongs.

I’ve also just recently signed up for A Year of Techniques, which will be starting up in March, so I already have the next mystery lined up when these will be wrapping up.

My original intention was to sort of try to finish one pair of socks, one shawl, and one sweater a month, but I think I’m coming to the realization that that might be a bit much to try every month.  Two out of three might be a better goal.

I did manage to finish a pair of socks in January, but did not mention them here because they were a Valentine’s Day gift for the husband.  I used the Simple Skyp Sock pattern for these which was quite an easy to memorize pattern.

Incidentally, the husband and I had an interesting conversation the other day about process knitting versus product knitting.  I always thought of myself as a product knitter.  Generally speaking, I don’t see the point of making something if I don’t want the end product, but then he pointed out to me that I knit lots of shawls and hardly ever wear them.  That is totally true.  I love to knit shawls.  They can be easy or challenging skillwise, but they are almost always easy on my hands, which is not true for sweaters and socks.  Also, I don’t need to worry if they will fit.  As a result, I do have quite a few shawls which I love, but never wear.  What to do with them?  Anyone else have this dilemma?




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  1. I also have this problem with shawls (and, recently, cowls). And yet, I can’t wait to cast on another.

  2. I don’t ever wear shawls as shawls. I wear them as scarves, though, nicely wrapped and cozy around my neck. I rarely make cowls, at least not long ones. If I make them at all they are close to the neck pieces, not long and draped. All that said, I do have quite a collection of shawls that sit waiting patiently to be chosen if we ever have weather cold enough for me to wear them. I guess I’m more of a process knitter, the product being the bonus 😄

  3. I love knitting shawls, too. The ones I keep I just wrap around my neck like a scarf, lol.

  4. Checking my shawl wearing against my lifestyle, I see that I prefer to wear shawls when I know I’ll be sitting quietly for a while and will need that extra bit of warmth around the shoulders. Occasions when this happens makes for a short list:
    1. Church
    2. Knitting time with others
    3. Restaurants with arctic AC in the summertime

    I never wear one at home (cat hair!) or at MDSW (dust and crowds) but I do wrap it like a scarf when I’m waiting for the bus here in London. Maybe that’s our problem, we drive everywhere in the US!

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