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More DIY Stitch Markers

Ever since I started making my own stitch markers, I can’t seem to stop making them. This week, I got tired of the boring silver colored rings and went looking for other colors. All I found were gold and copper ones, which were nice, but I was craving color with a capital C. I found some great colored wire and decided to get some to play with it and see if I could make my own jump rings.

After a little bit of trial and error, mostly with tools, I ended up raiding the husband’s tool set and found just the thing I needed. To do this, you will need wire cutters like you see below, (basically ones that let you cut wire right at the tip) and 20 gauge wire in whatever color you want. Make sure you get something that won’t tarnish, though. Begin by getting a pencil and wrapping your wire around the barrel of the pencil in a coil-like fashion, like so.



Then, take your wire cutters and position them so that the end of the coil is right next to the blade (this is to make sure you get a nice ring), and then cut one ring from your coil.


Keep going until your coil is all cut up into little rings. You may have to stretch the coil a bit to be able to cut just one ring at a time. I found that I could slip on a bead and close the loop by hand since the wire was more malleable than the jump rings I bought. For gluing and more detailed instructions on how to finish, go to my previous post about making stitch markers.


Aren’t they fun? I am already making plans to go back to the store to get more colors. Pretty soon I am going to be swimming in stitch markers! I wonder, would anyone be willing to buy some? If there is enough interest, I may look into opening an etsy store, if it isn’t too much trouble. So fun!