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It’s Coming

For many, this winter has seemed interminable and never ending. We have had more than the usual number of winter storms and some unusually cold days for our area. Many of my friends and acquaintances and even random people at the store have expressed some despair over this cold, wet winter we have been having. For me, this winter has been one of the most pleasant in recent memory. I always feel that cold weather without snow is a waste and I have not been disappointed in that respect this year.


We’ve had multiple snowfalls and a couple of ice storms, which turn the world into some sort of glassy wonderland. If I am going to be stuck in the house because of the temperature, I like to be able to look at some beauty outside as well.

Despite all of this, I can sense that Spring is coming. The days are getting longer and the sun seems a tad more intense. I am thinking more about spring colors than deep, rich tones or grey shades.


The other day, I made these cute little pin cushions using this tutorial (oops looks like their server is down. I will add the linky later). Isn’t this a fun little project to get into the mood of spring?


In the process of making these, I used these little clover clips for the first time. Where have these been all my life? I love them! So much easier to use and lays flatter than pins. I think I need about a hundred more! Seriously, if you sew or knit, you need some of these. They come in different sizes and I plan to get them all.


I’m also finished with my hoegaarden cowl, which goes with the hoegaarden mitts and hat that I made last year. Whoa.


This is my first ever completed set of accessories that all match. Usually, I look a bit like that lady who can’t find matching sets of anything, so she goes out with five accessory items that all clash, but at least she is warm.


Now, I will look like I have it all together, which I SO totally don’t, but that’s ok, because we all know that looks are deceiving, right?


And now, it looks like I will have to cast on something new. And pink. Because spring, it’s coming.


Clearing the Decks

Lately, I have been devoting much of my knitting energy to finishing up some things. I discovered this summer knitting challenge and have decided to take part, so until the official cast on date of June 1, my goal is to finish as many works in progress as possible.


So far this week, I have finished my sky ladder cowl, knit with a nice sproingy yarn that I got a few years ago at the MD sheep and wool festival. I used up every inch of the skein that I possibly could, which is why the third repeat of the pattern is cut short a little. It felt a little dense while I was knitting it, but it blocked out nicely and has a lovely drape now.


Then, I finished up the fingerless mitts to go with the billow cowl that I finished a few weeks ago. These were super quick and fun to knit.


Hopefully, next, these socks will be finished. This is an old project that I started last year. I finished the first sock back in March and am now halfway through the second sock. It is definitely going faster the second time around, which is actually a change for me. Usually, I drag my heels through the second sock and they seem to take forever.

Finishing is going to be the focus for the next week or two, not just in my knitting life, but also with our school days. Things are finally starting to wind down and become a tad more relaxed. I know in a month or so, I might be driving myself crazy with all the unstructured time we have, but for now, at least, I am going to enjoy every second.

What have you been finishing lately?

Baby Steps

I have nothing finished to show you today. Just lots of half (or less) finished things, but there is progress there.


The silky yarn is still a pleasure and I’ve passed the armholes by a few inches now.


All the bits and pieces I need to start quilting my new pillows are all cut out and awaiting basting and layering.


Of course, progress on existing projects is delayed a bit when I start new things, like this long cowl/scarf thing.


And this new sock for the husband.


And mitts to go with the billow scarf that I finished a couple of weeks ago. Can you tell that I like to have a lot of things going on at once? You might think that I am easily distracted, but actually I am not. I just like a lot of variety. Everything gets worked on in its turn and they almost always get finished. It just takes a lot of baby steps. Kinda like life, really. We’re all unfinished projects, right?


By the way, I had the best meal on Sunday. This is a toasted english muffin with herbed sauteed mushrooms and spinach, topped with a poached egg, hollandaise sauce, and jumbo lump crab. The husband made it for me for mother’s day and it was scrumptious. I think I’ll keep him!


Oh, I did finish one thing this past weekend: my blocks for do.good.stitches. These are nice and cheery, aren’t they?

What are you working on lately?