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The last couple of weeks have been such a mish mash of stuff that I think I am just going to have to go random with this post.

Firstly, we went away to Michigan for a week. While we were there, I got to go to the Michigan Fiber Festival. It was great fun and the highlight was meeting up with Ravelry friends.


I was able to buy some yarn (surprise!). My new favorite find is Lost City Knits, which is where the two blue skeins are from. It’s a super soft merino fingering and really lovely to knit with. Their colors were nice and there was a lot more I was tempted to buy. I have a feeling I will be trying some more of their yarn lines in the near future. When I got it home, I wound up the lighter skein and started knitting with it, but I made a big mistake and had to rip it out.


Secondly, did you know there are wineries in Michigan? I did some wine tasting. It was fun and yummy, especially the sparkling cherry wine made from 100% Michigan cherry juice.


Thirdly, I got a fair bit of knitting done while we were gone. I knit all of this while waiting at various doctor’s appointments with my Dad. It will eventually be a Tea Leaves Cardigan.


At night, I worked on the blue yarn (that I ripped out so I can’t show you) and this lovely cashmere shawl. It’s not circular as it appears here, but I am on the short rows in the middle, so it will be awhile before I can stretch it out and show you the length of it.


Lastly, I am getting ready to cast on Oatmeal Stout with these yarns. You know that fall is coming when I start knitting sweaters and mittens again.


Yes, the summer is over here. We have started school in earnest, which means less unstructured time, but generally a higher level of productivity, not to mention a lot less bickering because they have work that needs to get done. So do I, actually. I’d like to get that cowl cast on today. Hope your August has treated you well!