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Finished Quilts

It’s done!

I was able to get the dining room table to myself for a few hours so that I could finish this up.

I think this might be the fastest I have ever finished a quilt, actually.  It helps that I only had to piece together two of the blocks!

I miscalculated the number of blocks that were coming my way, so I had a couple that had to be included on the back, but actually, I really like how these two are framed by larger pieces of fabric.  It highlights them.  Hmmm, maybe I see a kernel of an idea for a new quilt in there somewhere.

The weather has been less than ideal for outdoor photos, so I had to get some help to get a good picture.    I think he enjoyed the brief break it gave him from his work.

I was in a finishing groove, so I went on to quilt up this baby quilt that I had started early fall last year.

Lately, with my sewing, I have been trying very hard to use up what I have and this quilt used up some baby fabrics that were languishing.

I’m afraid the animals did not match the scale of the pattern, so they are a little lost, but the overall effect is ok.  There is still a lot for me to learn about choosing colors and patterns together.

On the upside, I do feel that my machine binding skills are getting much better.  I like to use 2 and 1/2 inch wide strips of fabric for my binding and that’s been helping me a lot.  A little extra to fold over the edge is just what I needed!

As soon as I can get these packed up and find the address, these are going off to a charity that supplies quilts to women and children’s shelters.  I hope they cheer someone up!


Almost Done

Tomorrow is the deadline for orders for the boys’ cookie dough fundraiser! I think the bulk of the orders are in and we just have a few more batches of dough to make before we close up shop. It’s good that we are almost done because Thanksgiving is just next week. Eeek! And I have done nothing to get ready for that event. We won’t even mention the holiday that comes after next week’s.

It’s all good stuff, though, so I am not complaining; just trying to get myself geared up and ready for the busy season. One thing I would like to get done in the next week or so is my swoon quilt.


The quilting is all done. Basically, I just quilted lines diagonally every three inches. Now, I need to put together a binding and sew it on. It will be nice to have this off of my to do list so that I can concentrate on some other projects that have been waiting somewhat impatiently for their turn. I’ll have to give you more details on those another time. Right now, I have to go make some more cookie dough. Can you believe we have used 22 pounds of butter so far?

Love in a Quilt

What do you do when a dear friend lives far away and is expecting their first baby? What if this friend is as special as your own family? Well, of course you would do anything to show that baby (and their parents) that they are loved.

As soon as we found out about this special baby, a group of us got together and talked about what we could do. Of course, we planned a shower and we said lots of prayers.

Then, we all went out a picked some fabric: one from each of the 12 people in the group. Each person chose a fabric that they felt represented themselves in some way.

Then, once all the fabrics were in my hands and I had some time to think about it, I worked on a special quilt for the baby to come. I was especially happy that my points were pointy.

I used a tutorial that I found on The Little Red Hen Blog. It was simple to put together and fun to quilt. I just wish I had taken more photos of it. I thought for sure that I had done a proper photo shoot, but it must have all happened in my head, because these are all the pictures I have.

After it was all done, I made a back with strips of everyone’s fabric and we all signed it.
With Love.
Ok, baby, it’s time to meet the rest of the world now!