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Little Tid Bits

Here is a small collection of things I have been meaning to share with you lately. None of them would really make for an entire blog post, but maybe altogether, they can work together to make something interesting, albeit a bit random.


Awhile back, I made this neopolitan bundt cake for the younger’s birthday. It was pretty easy and tasted delicious. It came from America’s Test Kitchen Best Summer Desserts. The texture was dense like a pound cake and is one of the only cakes we thought tasted just as good cold as at room temperature. Ice cream is almost a necessity with this cake and I love the wow factor that it has.


The rotisserie attachment that I got for the husband for an anniversary/father’s day present has turned out to be the present that just keeps on giving. Here, he did a roast beef, which we ate with cheesy herbed popovers and green beans.


Last Sunday, we splurged and did a roast duck, chinese style.


Served with rice, green onions, and szechuan pepper salt in a lettuce wrap, the duck was heavenly. Unfortunately, my older son liked it so much that I think we will have a hard time restraining him from ordering duck wherever we go now.


More yarn has arrived in the house. The skein on the far left is the one I got as a prize for finishing all the camp loopy projects successfully and the other two came along for the ride. For some reason, light blues and pinks and oranges has been on my mind lately.


See? Pinks and oranges here too. This yarn is destined to become a shawl in Susanna IC’s Autumn Mystery Knit Along Shawl. I did one earlier in the year and had a blast, so when she announced this one, I jumped on board immediately. I have got to pick some beads and then I will be ready to cast on when the first clue comes out this weekend. What color beads would go with all these colors?

Sigh. I am still working on chocolate chip cookies, but I suspect you don’t want to hear me moaning about that again, so I won’t bother you with it.

That’s the story from here. What’s new with you?