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Tea + Me = Sanity

Every morning when I wake up, I make myself a nice cup of tea.  Real tea.  No herbal tea for first thing in the morning.  And none of that lame Lipton stuff either.  There is only one brand of tea that I like to have in the mornings.  When I run out, I get get a little grumpy.

Brodie’s of Edinburgh.  I discovered this tea when the husband was in grad school.  The closest grocery store to our sardine tin sized apartment was this super gourmet store called Andronico’s.  It was the only one I could go to by myself because it was on the campus bus route and, at the time, I did not drive.  It was the sort of store that made its own pate for sale and had a butcher’s counter.  I Love butcher’s counters!  But, that’s another story.  I’m talking about tea.

So, I found this tea at Andronico’s and when I tried it, it was a revelation.  I had never seen tea this color.

It’s like a nice, rich, orangey-brown color.   And when I took a sip–Wow!  It’s really strong, but not at all tannin-y.  Tannin is a bitter flavor that makes your mouth feel kind of tacky.  Some unripe fruits have lots of tannin.  Most times, when you over-brew tea, you get a very strong tannin flavor.  With Brodie’s, though, you could leave the tea bag in for 10 minutes and it still would not have a taste of tannin.  It was love at first taste.

Now, we enjoyed this tea very much, but when we moved away and back to the East Coast, I could not find it anywhere.  It was tough.  I tried to make do with Taylor’s (it’s ok, but not the same), Twinings (blah, blah), and even Harney’s (weak), but nothing could compare.  So, I order off the internet.  I order a lot.  Of each kind.  They make 4 different kinds:  Scottish Breakfast (my morning cuppa), Scottish Teatime (great for afternoon tea with a piece of cake), Famous Edinburgh (the husband’s fave), and Edinburgh Tattoo (the strongest and great for when you need a little extra pick-me-up).  I order bagged for convenience and loose because loose tea really does taste better.

I start my day with a nice cuppa and it sets me up for the day.  I have another cuppa in the afternoon when I start to drag a bit.  I am so thankful for this tea.  It gives me a few minutes of calm when I drink it.  It keeps me sane.

And, sometimes, when I am drinking it, I like to think about maybe visiting Scotland someday.