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Happy New Year! I hope you had a nice holiday full of everything you love. Ours was lovely, full of good food, family time, time with friends, and lots of sleep. We really needed the sleep! After the major festivities on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, I really tried very hard to not do much. Before that, I was busy finishing up a couple of knitting gifts.

Slipper socks for the boys:


If they look a little loose, that’s on purpose. These boys are growing faster than my knitting can keep up with, so I have to make them bigger to make them last longer than five minutes.


And a hat for the husband:


I hope you’ll forgive the blurry nature of Christmas morning photos! Anyway, soon after the holidays, my thumb suffered a minor injury and I was unable to knit for a few days. Good thing I had my loom to keep me busy! On New Year’s day, I warped a new project on the loom. It’s going to be a sampler blanket in worsted weight yarn.


I know, I know, it’s another blurry photo! Our basement has terrible light. I’ll try to get a better one when I have more to show. It sure is going fast. I can probably weave about 4 inches in half an hour, maybe less. It helps that I want to see what kind of pattern comes up next, so I lose track of time.

My thumb is a bit better now, so I am back to knitting, though not as much as I would like. I have two sweaters on the needles that I can’t tell you about. They are both pretty heavy, so I had to cast on something little and light to work on when my hands are too tired.


This is just the beginnings of a Hitchhiker shawl/scarf and it is just right for now when I want to knit, but can’t hold much weight.

I also have some sock yarn ready to wind and knit some new socks. My good friend, Kim Swingle, has just released a group of patterns called Playtime specifically for all the highly variegated sock yarn in your stash. The patterns are designed to minimize the pooling that these yarns are notorious for. I cannot wait to get started on some!


And for those times when my hands need a complete rest, I have these to keep me busy:


New cookbooks! There are lots of great new recipes in these pages. I can’t wait to get started!