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Hurry Up and Wait

My life seems to made up of two types of time these days: The majority of it is super busy times when I am juggling multiple things at once, such as when I am trying to cook dinner and teach both kids different subjects simultaneously. Occasionally, I get a little respite where I get to sit somewhere and wait for one of the kids of finish a lesson or sports game or, as I did today, sit and listen to a whole roomful of kids give presentations. These are the times when an easy portable project is super handy.

Yesterday, I cast on a sock. By the end of the younger son’s soccer game last night, it looked like this.


No, I didn’t knit that whole sock in the back! That one was finished months ago! The blurry cuff in front of the bag was what I worked on last night.

Now, after about two hours of presentations today, it looks like this.


That’s about two and half more inches. If it looks different to you, it’s probably because I have switched to using two circular needles instead of 4 double pointed. Over the past year or so, I have been slowly making the switch over to this method because I find it easier on my hands. I still find casting on and ribbings easier with double pointed needles, but once I get into the actual patterns, I find that circulars are not as pokey and leave things a bit more flexible.

Anyway, with more soccer games and an all day swim meet in the near future, this sock should be done in no time.

What do you do when you are waiting?

Project Report

The end of a vacation is always a mixed bag for me. I’m glad to be home, back in my own house, sleeping in my own bed, but sad to have to get back into the everyday routine. Laundry. Cooking. Teaching. Cleaning. Wait, I don’t really do much cleaning. Umm…Organizing.

But, look here. I do like to see what I have accomplished during all my “recreational” knitting time. Sometimes, I don’t get much done. And that’s ok; not every vacation is conducive to lots of knitting time. Even a 6 hour flight can have lots of interruptions when one is traveling with two kids who want to eat sometimes and go to the potty as well. So, I take progress where I can get it and here’s what I got.

One completed sock.


It’s a little big and I felt that I spent a lot of time knitting on it, probably because it was a toe-up pattern and I was attempting to use up as much of the yarn as I could. The husband likes his socks on the long side. I like mine on the short side, so knitting a sock for him is like knitting one and a half socks for me. sometimes two.

One almost completed hat.


This project probably got about ten to fourteen knitting hours this week, way more than I was expecting it to take. It’s a slouchy hat pattern, so I knew it was going to be bigger, I just didn’t know how big. I thought I would be done with it by the middle of the week and move o to the matching cowl, but it was not meant to be.

Lastly, well, there’s no lastly, actually. That’s all I got done. I could have done more, I know, especially during those really long waits in line at Legoland, but I did not take my knitting with me everywhere. That’s odd for me, but I think in some ways I needed a few days break from my projects. Also, I could have been really tired of looking at the color brown.

Now that I am home, I am going to pursue some more colorful projects. The cherry blossoms have already passed here. I think I need to work on something pink.