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Spring Cleaning

My goodness! I never intended to be away from this space for so long! But, I have a good excuse; we are relocating. The husband has got a great new job in a different state that he has to start in June, which meant that we had to get our house on the market to sell. For the last three weeks, we have cleaned, organized, and fixed a bunch of little things around the house. I even spent one afternoon taking all my knitting notions, which looked like this:


and made it look like this:

The boys got in some male bonding time with a nailer.

Now that we are done and just waiting for someone to buy the house, it seems strange not to be super busy every moment of the day. But, don’t worry, we are finding ways to spend our free time, like visiting all our favorite places before we have to move.

Spring has arrived here and it is very nice!

It seems like it arrived overnight, but I think it just seems that way to us because we were busy.

As you can imagine, with all that has been going on, I have not been able to knit much, especially because I injured my left hand again last week. Before that, though, I did manage to block my Rolling Rock.


The back has a nice lacey panel.


The yarn is Traveler Sport by the Plucky Knitter and it is fabulous. It makes a super soft and silky garment that has great drape and is really comfortable to wear. I want another twelve sweaters in this yarn! And the pattern was great, too. I made the sweater without making any modifications except bringing up the neckline by an inch or so.

There are lots of other things I have to show you, but I will wait until next time. Now that our house is super duper clean, I should have a bit more time for other things. Be back soon!