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Spring is here. I am sure I don’t have to tell you how long and cold this winter has been. You won’t hear me complaining, though, because I have loved everything about this winter (except the month that I was really sick, but that was last year and let’s not dwell on that). I know it’s been hard to tell here on my blog, but we have had a really productive and fruitful winter. Since January alone, I have completed four sweaters, two shawls, and a few other little projects, including a few quilt blocks for my quilt group.




On the school front, we used the cold weather to our advantage and focused hard on some of our tougher subjects and have been able to get ahead a little. In fact, we are so far ahead, that I am planning a two week spring break for my older son, just a one week break for the younger, and we’ll still be done by the end of May. Ahh…all our hard work for the past three months will be so satisfying when we knock off at the end of May while most other kids still have weeks of school left.

Of course, this intense focus cannot be kept up and is just beginning to fade now that finer weather has arrived. All winter, with my knitting, I have been very goal oriented, working on one project at a time until completion. This is actually pretty uncharacteristic of me. I am easily bored, but this winter for some reason, I was really able to focus and get a lot done.

Until last week.

Last week, I started five new projects, but I really have been working on more over the past week. The result of this is a lot of mess without much in the way of progress. It’s as if spring fever has hit my knitting. Want a peek?


These are all the projects that I have worked on int he past week or so. Is it any wonder that I am feeling a little unfocused and unproductive? Here’s a closer view?



Looking at them now, I can see some progress that has been made. Like this sweater here. There’s definitely a few more inches on the body there than there was over a week ago.


Still, even though I know I could finish some of these fairly quickly if I just focused on them a bit more, I cannot resist casting on something new.


Spring. It’s here at last.

UFO Attack

January is the time for new beginnings.  It’s a new year and seems like a good time to put the past behind us and look toward the future.  It has become one of my favorite times of the year, mostly because of its stark contrast to December.  Don’t misunderstand, I love the holidays and all the business, baking, and hanging out with loved ones.

But January means rest and sleep to me.  It’s a time when it is cold (usually) and I don’t mind.  I sort of snuggle into my house and enjoy cooking soups, baking bread, reading, and starting new knitting projects.  All of this has happened except the last.  Oh, it’s not for lack of desire that I haven’t started any new projects.  It’s because I was attacked.

Yes, friends, I was attacked by UFOs.  For those of you not familiar with the world of knitting, that stands for UnFinished Object.

Normally, I don’t let having a lot of unfinished projects bother me.  It’s my hobby and I enjoy it.  If I feel like starting twenty seven projects and that makes me happy, then I go for it.  However, on New Year’s Day, when I was enjoying my newly begun scarf project, I was attacked when looking for a needle.  What was I attacked by?



It looks beautiful, doesn’t it?  It’s a blanket I started sometime last year and put it down for some reason or other.  Want a closer look?


Don’t be fooled.  It might look all pale and innocent, but it most certainly reached out and demanded that I work on it.  I tried to ignore it and look past it, but then I saw this.


Uh. oh.  It’s that blanket I started last March that I have all knitted up and just needs to be put together.  It was looking at me accusingly.  “It’s winter,” it seemed to say to me.  “Don’t you think it’s time I got finished?”

When I glanced around to avoid the gaze of these two blankets, I only saw a hat, several sweaters, and a couple of shawls, all waiting for me, looking at me, glaring at me.  What could I do?

I surrendered.  And now, instead of starting that new cable sweater for myself or a lovely fair isle pattern for the husband, I am stuck in UFO land.  My shoulders are beginning to ache and my hands are tired from holding heavy, half done projects (new things are lighter and easier on the hands).  I am being held prisoner by my own projects.

Still, I suspect there are worse places to be and, even as I work on some of these projects, I am planning my escape.  This may or may not include starting a new quilt project…shhh…I don’t want the knitting projects to find out!