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Someone recently asked me how my summer was going, and I really had to stop and think and ask myself the same question. We’ve done some summery things such as VBS and there’s definitely a lightness and flexibility to our schedule that is a nice change. But, we’ve only been to the pool once and we haven’t gone anywhere. Yet.

In several days, that is about to change. We have an epic trip coming up. One that some may describe as once in a lifetime. It is certainly a once in a decade if not a once in 25 years kind of trip. It’s been almost a year in the planning and the last few weeks has seen us take the logistics of vacation planning to a level we had never gone before. Lots of stuff has been bought, many hours of research have been spent looking for places to stay, things to do, and items we will need.


By now, you could be wondering where in the world we are going. No, we are not going on an overseas expedition. In fact, we are not crossing any seas at all, but we might leave the country for a bit. We will be flying and there will be lots of driving, and, if we are lucky, there might even be boats and horses and carriages involved in this journey.

Have you guessed it yet?

Yes, we are going west to the mountains. We will be visiting the mountains and glaciers at Glacier National Park, and then continuing on to spend some quality time with extended family and Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park. There will be camping (hence the crazy gear aquisition and packing that’s been going on here for weeks) and stays in cabins and hotels, with a final stop to visit some dear friends before we limp our way home after nearly three weeks on the road.


Crazy. Some might call us that and I will admit that there have been moments during the whole planning of this trip when I have felt crazy. But, I am also crazy excited. And stressed. If I let myself think about all the details, I feel the life draining out of me. But, I am pretty sure it will all be worth it when I see those mountains and I cannot wait to see the look on my boys’ faces when they see some of these wonders for the first time.

So, this is why I had a hard time answering the question, how is your summer going? Our summer feels as if it hasn’t started yet. We have spent the past couple of months in a state of anticipation of this epic trip and so it feels like we’ve just been holding our breaths for it to begin. As you can imagine, we are just about fit to explode here.

Summer. Here we come!

P.S. I made those bags pictured above for the boys to use on the trip for their various personal toiletries. It was my first time using laminate on my own fabric. Though it worked out in the end, I would not do it again. The plastic coating was fussy to use and tore easily when I was trying to turn the bags right side out after finishing. Also, I had a lot more trouble with the zipper. They are functional, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they look terrible once the trip is over.